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Simple Shower Scrub
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This is a really simple shower scrub that you will come to love. One good thing about this treatment is older kids can do this by themselves. This is an ideal first spa treatment for kids of all ages . And despite the name, you don't even need a shower - this one works well in a tub too.

What you will need

A body scrub

We really like the fruit scrubs from The Body Shop, especially for younger kids. These scrubs are a mixture of finely ground sugar and salts in a smooth oily base, and by themselves will leave your skin smooth and clean. You will often see special exfoliating gloves and pads offered with these scrubs - for example, the Body Shop sell a range of bath gloves in some quite wild colors. We've found the scrubs work fine without them though. And it really doesn't work well with a normal shower pouffe.

Body butter

Body butter is basically a thick body cream, but it comes in scents to match the scrub, giving your at-home spa that professional feel.

You can get both of these from the Body Shop, either at their physical stores or online

How to do it

This one is really easy, making it an ideal first spa treatment for the whole family. The scrub just goes on with your fingers, or the exfoliating gloves if you want. You don't need much product - simply rub it into the skin gently until the salt and sugar dissolves and it feels smooth under your fingers. You'll be left with a bit of a sticky mess - it's worth getting a little more scrub on your fingers and going back over areas already covered. Pay special attention to the usual problem areas - elbows and feet, and the scrub really works well on forearms. Keep this one away from the face though - its too rough for delicate skin. Your skin will feel slightly waxy after this - its a combination of the new skin exposed and the protecting oils in the scrub. The moisture you add in the next step will get your skin feeling nice and soft.

After the scrub, rinse off under the shower, or in the tub. Make sure all the scrub comes off, and then get dry. The body butter is simply applied to the skin and rubbed in - it goes in very smoothly. And you are done!

This is a great one for kids, even really young kids. The fruit flavors are always popular, but why not give the coconut flavor a try - this has a really strong, fun scent.