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Almond Hands
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Manicures are highly sought after spa treatments, but its very easy to look after your hands at home using store products. In the future, we will be looking at total manicure treatments, but in the meantime, we wanted to highlight great, inexpensive hand creams that are suitable for the whole family.

Hand Repair Healing Hand Cream - Coconut Lime Verbena

This is a really high quality hand cream from Bath and Body Works, that goes on very smoothly, without leaving your hands sticky or greasy at all. The thing we really liked about this cream was its subtle scent makes it suitable for men or women.

Protective Hand Treatment with Kinetin

The Body Shop make this daily hand treatment using a third party anti-oxidant called Kinetin. This hand cream is part of a larger range, all of which use Kinetin, to smooth and protect skin. This cream has quite a distinct leafy scent that fades after about 15 minutes, and its soaks in very evenly. We've found that hands need to be cold when using this cream, if your hands are hot (for example, you've just washed them), the cream leaves the skin slightly reddened and greasy. Cool hands work just fine. The cream is water resistant, and is specifically designed to last all day. After applying, it feels like you have a very fine film on your hand, particularly on the fingertips. It's a little expensive compared to the Bath and Body Works cream, but it works well, and is suitable for men or women