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Easy facial
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Facials are one of the most sought after treatments at day spas. They just make you look and feel so good - there's nothing quite like it. But as we keep saying, spas are too expensive to visit regularly, and who has the time. Instead, take Binary Spa's advice, and do your spa treatments at home. On our banner above, we've put together some sample treatments, but its important to understand the basics of face skin care before trying anything.

The face is exposed to the elements, and takes quite a beating from sun, wind and rain. Also the skin on the face is delicate and thin, especially around the eyes, so you really need to be careful what you put on there. There are 6 basic steps in dealing with the face.


Though most people think of soap for washing, the fact is soap can be too harsh and drying for the face. Instead you should look for a soap free cleanser. Its true they are more expensive than a basic bar of soap, but your face will thank you for it. These cleansers are really easy to use, wet the face with warm water, add a little water to a squirt of cleanser in your hand and work it gently into the face. Take great care not to get too near your eyes. Besides it hurting like the Dickens, the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and you should take care not to stretch it.


Toners are normally alcohol free, and act to remove the last traces of grease and grime from your face. Again, avoid the eye area: you will need to gently work in toner with either a cotton pad or a cotton wool ball. Just wipe around the face gently.


Now we get exotic. Exfoliating your face will remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of your face, and reveal new youthful skin underneath. Exfoliation also helps control blackheads and pimples by unblocking pores, by gently scouring your face with small particles. Examples of particles in exfoliating lotions include finely ground grape seeds. You can use your fingers to apply the lotion to your face when its wet, and its not necessary to scrub too hard. Its also worth giving your neck a scrub with the lotion too.


Five minutes over a bowl of steaming water will help soften your skin, and also helps draw out further impurities from pores by opening them up, and letting your own natural sweat come through, carrying impurities as it works its way out of your pores.


In recent years, the variety of facial masks has sky-rocketed. The principle behind them is broadly the same - a substance such as clay is normally used to to help pull impurities through the skin, leaving it soft and totally cleansed. You can get self-heating masks, masks that dry that you peel off, fruit flavoured masks - the works. You don't normally need a thick layer, less is more here, and you should try to match the mask with your skin type to avoid overdrying it, or not working it enough.


The final step is to add back a good amount of water, to soften your skin, and leave it silky smooth. Some moisturizers offer protection against the sun - a good (minimum) daily regimen is wash with a facial cleanser, and moisturize with a lotion with SPF15 or better.

These are the basic principles for facial skin care. Our Easy Facial treatment shows these steps incorporated into the sort of facial you would pay $30 or more for in a day spa.