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Our mission is to provide unbiased information about the best spa treatments for all the family that you can do in their own home, using items available at normal stores near your home. We are a US based company, and most of the products we use are only available in the US, with some notable exceptions - The Body Shop for example is a UK company whose products are now available in physical stores worldwide. Almost all companies with on-line stores will ship worldwide though, so even if you are outside the US, you can still use our spa treatments - you muight have to plan ahead of time though to get that cheap shipping.

We also promote a scientific approach to spa treatments. In our opinion, the benefits of spa treatments are diluted by practitioners who insist on introducing spiritual or mystical aspects. In reality, simple anatomy explains almost all the benefits, and basically, treatments make us feel good because we just like to be pampered. So you won't find discussions on increasing the flow of Chi or mystical healing crystals here.

We are proud of our independent nature - if you are a company providing spa treatments available to the general public, feel free to send us your latest catalog. We also actively seek out the greatest products from smaller on-line stores which you may not find yourself.

If you would like to receive updates, please subscribe to our newsletter, which comes out about every 3 months. Just send an email to us with the word subscribe in the subject line. We take your privacy very seriously, we will never release our list of subscribers to any other company, and you can unsubscribe from our newsletter whenever you want. Again write us with the word unsubscribe in the subject line and we'll take you straight off our list.