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Body treatments are the basis of spa treatments, and are incredibly easy to do at home with store products. We've put together some sample treatments, but its important to understand the basics of body skin care before trying anything.


Simple, but not to be missed. You start almost every body treatment with a good soak, either in the tub, or in a shower. Tubs are good because you can add bath milks or bath salts, but showers are good because they are so invigorating.


Some of the soaks will cleanse your body too, or you can use a dedicated cleanser, many of which contain moisturizing ingredients to keep your skin soft.


Exfoliating your body will remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, and reveal new youthful skin underneath. You shouldn't exfoliate more than one or twice a week though, or you will leave your skin irritated. Most exfoliating lotions for the body are based on sea salt, which scrubs and dissolves - these are far too rough for your face. Similarly, the scrubs for your face are too gentle for your body. You can get a similar action to a salt based scrub with a pair of rough exfoliating gloves


Yes, just like the face, you can get body masks. Again, they are normally clay based and act to draw out impurities through the skin, and leave the skin soft and smooth.


The final step is to add back a good amount of water, to soften your skin, and leave it silky smooth. You can use inexpensive body lotions, body oil or our favourite: scented body butters.

These are the basic principles for body skin care. Our Simple Shower Scrub treatment, Bajik Spa - Express and Spa Wisdom - Express are quick, easy and inexpensive ways to get exfoliated and moisturized. And our Bajik Spa - Long is an hour long indulgence reminiscent of a high end Bali Spa for a fraction of the cost.