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Spa. Just the word conjures up images of luxury and indulgence, of lazing around waiting to be smothered with sweet smelling creams. White towels. Steam filled rooms. And maybe, more than a little expense. But spas don't need to be expensive. Nowadays, you can get those luxury spa treatments at home for a fraction of the cost using professional level products that you can easily find at a regular store.

Most other spa-related websites are either promoting a particular day spa, or are focused on how to make your own cosmetics, soaps and skin care products. We love day spas as much as anyone - the problem is they are too expensive to use regularly, so you end up going just once in a while and the rest of the time, sit in a lukewarm bath or under a tepid shower. And as for making your own soaps or complicated face masks with essential oils, count us out!! Who really has the time? This site is dedicated to the use of products you can buy from stores for at home spa treatments, or really easily make at home everyday ingredients. Doing spa treatments at home will save you money while still giving you that day spa feel.

But, why stop at yourself? Here at the Binary Spa, we've found out that spa treatments for families can be great fun and make money go further. Kids love to be pampered, and here is the greatest thing - with their tiny bodies, a small amount of spa treatment goes a long, long way. Its an excellent way to spend quality time with your kids, and because you use so little product, it will end up being considerably less expensive and more memorable than a trip to the movie theater.

At home spa treatments also make a great gift idea for birthdays or Valentines Day.

We've put together a great selection of different spa treatments that you can easily do in your own home, without paying those day-spa prices. We tell you exactly how to do them, what you'll need and more importantly, where to get it. We promise you, you will be amazed with the quality of spa treatments you can do at home nowadays. Try the treatments on your kids: it's truly incredible how children react to the scents and sensations offered by spa treatments, and its great fun for parents too. And try the treatments yourself - you'll soon be a spa addict with smooth skin and beautiful hands, feet and face, glowing from the regular spa treatments, without needing a home equity line of credit.