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This is the express version of a ritualised treatment you would find in a high-end Thai spa, which can easily last many hours. You can do this version in about 5 minutes!.

What you will need

The Bajik Spa line is from The Body Shop, so you can get all you need either at their physical store, or online. In the future, we will be covering Body Shop parties which are a great way to get cheaper supplies. The Bajik Spa line has a number of different items including a massage oil, which would be great in a spa treatment, but we've simplified it down to just 3 that give you the full Thai experience without the expense (or all that pesky travel).

Coconut Milk Shower Cream

A luxurious creamy wash, that's subtley scented and gently moisturises as it cleans

Sisal Oval Body Scrubber

This works in conjunction with the shower cream to exfoliate the skin, and work in the cream.

Kukui Moisturizing Spray

A light moisturizer to finish

How to do it

This is a really easy treatment for the shower. Once you are good and warm, work the shower cream into the skin using the body scrubber. You don't need much cream at all - a little goes a long way. Its worth spending time on the usual problem areas - knees and elbows, and the cream and scrubber work fine on the feet too, but the scrubber is too rough for the face and neck.

If you have time, you can always use the body scrub, such as the Rice and Sugar Scrub or the Coconut Body Scrub which will really exfoliate the skin. You shouldn't exfoliate more than once a week, or you will make your skin sore. As with all these scrubs, you are literally scrubbing the dead skin off your body. Hands work best here, and in the shower, the water will be washing off the scrub as quickly as you put it on. If you can stand to jump out of the shower while you put it on, thats great. Its fascinating watching the water bead up on your newly softened skin when you jump back in. But it works fine even under the water.

The last stage is the Kukui Moisturizing Spray, which is a really light moisturizer that comes in a spray bottle. Our spray was pretty pathetic - the moisturizer just squirted out, but its easy to rub in, and doesn't leave you sticky. As with all the Bajik Spa line, the scent is subtle and works for men and women.

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