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Easy facial
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Facials are one of the most sought after treatments at day spas. They just make you look and feel so good - there's nothing quite like it. We are going to look at a home facial system - the Conair Complete Facial Spa and Sauna System which costs less than $30. When coupled with generic store cleansers and lotions, is it possible to get that day spa feel? Read on and find out.

We've put together a simple 5 stage facial, including an invigorating exfoliation step.

What you will need

Conair Complete Facial Spa and Sauna System

This facial system consists of 3 wands and 6 different heads, offering 8 treatments in all. It costs less than $30 - we found ours at Amazon.com.

Facial wash

You probably have a favorite wash already, so there's little point us recommending one. But, if you haven't yet tried it, the Equate line at WalMart is worth a try - we've had great success with this, and its incredibly cheap. It is roughly based on the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser - we've heard people say its actually better than Cetaphil despite being about a quarter of the cost.


Again, you probably have a favorite moisturizer already, and again, we are going to suggest you try the Equate Beauty Lotion UV Protection. With SPF15 built in, its hard to beat, and as you'll see, with the facial system, it works very well.

How to do it

This is a five stage treatment. Firstly, open up your pores with the steamer wand. All the wands are battery powered, which makes for a convenient treatment. We think the steamer is a little underpowered though, and is the most underwhelming part of this treatment. However, if you do this facial after a warm bath or shower, your pores are probably quite open already.

The next stage is a wash with the facial wash, and a cotton pad on the microdermabrasion unit, at full speed. This nicely froths up the cleanser and gives a good clean feel in just a few seconds. Work this one all over the face and under the chin, and then rinse off with warm water.

The next stage is first part of the dermabrasion. The Conair facial system comes with a rough mesh sponge, which works really well just with water, or with a drop of facial wash. Keep the speed down on this one, and as with any dermabrasion, avoid the skin around the eyes. This is a quick 45 or 60 second stage.

The penultimate stage is the brushing dermabrasion with the two different sized brushes that come with the system. Use the smaller one for around the nose, but again keep the speed low, its far too easy on the high speed to over-abrade the delicate skin around the nose - its the sort of thing you'll only do once, but once is once too often.

Finally, moisturize using another cotton pad and the dermabrasion unit. The trick with this stage is to use a little moisturizer at a time, and work it in, polishing at the same time. Its worth taking your time on this stage, after the wild dermabrasion, its quite a soothing constrast, and the moisturizer feels very cool on the skin. Keep adding more moisturizer until you are happy with the feel of your skin.

And you are done. For the rest of the day, you will have that day-spa feeling and glow that comes from a quality facial. And if you took our advice and used cheap, store generic products, you'll have the glow that comes from saving money but still getting a great quality finish.

The system comes with other heads, and also a cool misting wand for closing the pores after dermabrasion. Like the steamer, we think this one is a little underpowered, and we miss this one off our facial with no ill effect. The dermabrasion wand is by far the more versatile and useful in this system, and works really well with the different heads at different stages of the facial.

But mix it up, and add and remove stages as you see fit. Write us and let us know your thoughts on this system, and what you think about the generic store products versus their more expensive branded counterparts.