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Almond Hands
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This is a simple hand treatment that takes less than a minute, and is perfect for men and women. Almond oil will moisturize deeply without any stickiness and greasiness. The scents are great, and the feeling is amazing. The intensive hand rescue cream is quite rich and thick, and goes in very smoothly to leave your hands in great shape.

What you will need

Both items are from The Body Shop, so you can get all you need either at their physical store, or online. The items used in this home spa treatment all support Community Trade so you can feel good about saving the world as you save money. This treatment will cost around 25 cents a time, making it a perfect everyday luxury.

Almond Oil Conditioning Hand Wash

A soap-free hand wash that gently cleanses and even by itself softens the hands

Almond Oil Intensive Hand Rescue

A mixture of almond oil, organic soya oil, Community Trade shea butter and lanolin. Together they deeply moisturize without leaving your hands greasy or sticky.

How to do it

Easy! The trick is warm water, not hot, not cold, but warm. Start by wetting the hands all over, and then drop about a dime sized blob of wash into the palm of one hand. Quickly work the blob all over the fronts and backs of your hands, between your fingers and over the nails. Rinse the wash off, and dry your hands. Then with a similar dime sized blob of the intensive hand rescue lotion, work this into your skin. It will be absorbed by your nails leaving them in really good shape. The great thing about this treatment is the scents are strong but work for men or women, and it leaves your hands smooth, and not sticky or greasy at all.