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Happy feet

This is a four stage treatment, that will take about 20 minutes. The scents are refreshing and herbal, reminiscent of a pine forest, making it a great treatment for men and women. We've found this treatment is popular with older kids - young kids (at least the ones we've tried it on) just find it too ticklish, but your mileage might vary. If you come up with any good tips, please let us know

What you will need

Day Spa Happy Feet

Day Spa is Target stores line of spa quality products for the home. They come in a neat spa-style bag, and we will be covering more items in this line in the future. We have very high hopes for Target with these products - they are priced well (especially when marked down, which doesn't happen that often, but be ready when it does), and they really look and feel good.

foot spa
Foot spa

You don't really need one of these, but you may have one lying about. If you do, dust it off, and give it a try. Otherwise, just go for anything you can fit your feet in.

Pumice stone

Cheap, easy to find, and incredibly effective. We like the No More Rough Stuff Pumice and there's also something delightfully 70s about the Pumice on a Ropeboth of which are from The Body Shop.

Per treatment, this costs about $2, compared to around $40 in a day spa

How to do it

This is a four part treatment. The first part is a soak with the Evergreen Rejuvinating Foot Soak. Day Spa recommend at least 15 minutes, and we agree: we've found you can soak a little longer without any ill effects. The idea of this stage is to soften any very rough skin, but also the salts smell really good, and its really relaxing, as long as the water is at a good temperature. It can be hard to get this just right - the feet are so sensitive to temperature differences, and heat and up cool down really quickly, so what feels lovely and toasty at the beginning can feel like a damp swamp in a matter of minutes. If you have a willing assistance, they can keep your tub or foot spa topped up (and if you have a fancy foot spa that keeps the water warm, all the better).

After the soak, dry your feet and get ready for part 2: the rubbing. Now you can easily rub yourself, but its great fun having someone else do it, even if you are normally quite ticklish. If you have any rough calluses, it's worth giving them a good rub with a pumice. The kit does actually come with a pedicure wand, but we found it hard to hold the shiny handle once it got wet. Pumice stones are cheap, easy to get hold of, and just feel good in your hand. Remember, the trick with the pumice stone is "smooth, don't remove". Don't try to get all the rough stuff off in one session. Take your time, or you'll just irritate your feet.

Part 3 is the Evergreen Rejuvinating Foot Scrub which has a fresh piney smell, and has little exfoliating volcanic ash and pumice particles set in a smooth base. You really don't need much of this - the smell is incredible, and this is by far the most invigorating part of the treatment. Its worth spending some time on this stage - the scrub will get dry out and get a little sticky in time, but by adding a little more, you can loosen it easily. Give extra attention to the soles of the feet, especially around their edges. This stage really polishes your feet, and gets the ready to accept the moisturizer. Once you're happy, plonk your feet back into the tub or foot spa, and gently rinse off the scrub. If someone else is re-using your water (and here at Binary Spa, we're all about recycling when you can), the scrub won't affect their soak at all.

Finally, gently dry your feet and smooth on the Evergreen Rejuvinating Foot Lotion. This is a good quality moisturizer, again with the fresh piney scent, and you don't need much at all.

We've found this one very popular with teens, especially boys. The aromas (from the treatment) are bold, strong and earthy - mint and pine are the dominant aromas. We've also tried approximating this treatment with a body scrub and moisturizer, but it really isn't the same feeling when you've finished - Day Spa have put together a very compelling package here.